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Patient Testimonials

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I want to thank you for your services. I also want to commend Dale Harold & K. Carey Stogner on their knowledge and professional demeanor while doing their jobs. I had (key word had) a diabetic leg ulcer for 3 years. Your hyberbaric chamber worked to heal it … yes heal it.

I recommend your services to all.

I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury after 1got kicked in my face playing sports. I experienced diminished cognitive skills, memory loss and behavioral changes with my head injury. My experience with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has helped with my memory, mood and cognitive skills. In addition, 1have noticed an increase in my critical thinking skills. I chose to do HBOT because of the science proving that it helps promote healing in brain tissue to speed up healing of head injuries. With that said, there are several benefits to the treatment that I may never realize.

Overall, I would recommend HBOT to anybody that has had a head injury.

For the past three years I have participated in a brain study of former professional footballplayers who suffered brain trauma (concussions) during their playing career. Included in that study was the use of a hyperbaric chamber. Three separate procedures consisted of 40 one-hour sessions. After each procedure I was tested and my brain scanned. With each test and scan I could see the increase in brain activity.

I was not aware of any difference in my everyday life, which I consider a good sign. Many of my peers have exhibited signs of brain weakening. Since I have not shown any diminishing signs I feel that it is a plus.

During my high school, college and professional career, I probably had at least ten concussions of various degrees. I feel strongly that HBOT has helped restore activity in my brain, therefore slowing down the problems that many former players are experiencing.

Hello, my name is Rick and I had cancer. For 17 months I endured 12 surgeries, 5 rounds of chemo, 33 days of radiation and countless infections. My cancer is called soft tissue sarcoma and it was located in the back of my right knee/thigh area. After the tumor was removed, for over a year I had a continuously open wound behind my knee. After a failed skin graft, radiation damage and an extensive flap surgery, it began to look like yet again another surgery was needed to close this wound. I was offered hyperbaric oxygen treatments. I started treatment within a week. From the 1st night, something started to change. Now after 30 treatments, my wound is CLOSED.

With another 11 treatments to go, my leg can only get stronger. I can’t express how pleased I am with the treatments, the facility and the wonderful people who work here! I would absolutely recommend these treatments to anyone who would benefit.

I want you to know how grateful I am to Desert Hyperbaric. My life is back to normal thanks to the treatments I received. What a great experience!


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