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The Most Advanced Privately Owned Hyperbaric Clinic in the Coachella Valley

Desert Hyperbaric Medicine, formerly known as Rancho Mirage Hyperbarics, has been providing hyperbaric oxygen services to Coachella Valley residents and visitors since 2001. It is housed in a state-of-the-art facility and it is the most advanced private Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment center in the Coachella Valley. The location just south of Interstate 10 at the corner of Cook Street and Gerald Ford makes it convenient to all Valley cities.

about-us-videoOur clinic is the only hyperbaric oxygen facility in the Coachella Valley that is able to treat patients with FDA and AMA approved indications payable by Medicare and private insurance, as well as patients with investigational diagnoses, and post-plastic surgery recovering patients. Also, athletes seeking to improve performance, and patients who use hyperbaric oxygen for overall health use our clinic

Compared to hospital based treatment centers, there is no “facility fee,” which can significantly increase the out-of-pocket expense for the insured patients.

DHM is able to accommodate patients on an expedited basis and offers extended hours of operations. Unlike other hyperbaric oxygen facilities, we open at 6am and close when the last patient is treated. The facility does not close for lunch and is able to accommodate working patient’s schedule.

Treatment sessions are administered in single occupancy “Sechrist Monoplace Chambers.” These chambers are clear acrylic and allow patients to watch television, listen to music, take a nap or meditate.

The center has a complete medical team with an extensive background in hyperbaric medicine. Our Medical Director and experienced Certified Hyperbaric Technologists are available for pre- and post- treatment consultations and to coordinate treatment with the referring physician.

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36923 Cook St # 102, Palm Desert, CA 92211

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